Completed Races:

               Gary                                                                                    Katie

  1.  01/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                   01/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun
  2.  07/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                   07/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun
  3.  14/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                   14/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun
  4.  21/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                   21/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun
  5.  28/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                   28/Jan/2017 Eastbourne parkrun
  6.  04/Feb/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                  04/Feb/2017 Eastbourne parkrun
  7.  11/Feb/2017 Eastbourne parkrun                  11/Feb/2017 Eastbourne parkrun

Below is a list of confirmed races that we will participate in during 2017, this will also show race history and results as the year progressed.

We will try and take part in a parkrun every week. We are hoping to do lots of different parkruns in the local area but will mostly be running Eastbourne parkrun. We know parkrun is a run not a race but we really want to try and do 60 races in the year as this is the total dose of treatment I had for the Ledderhose. 

You can tell how new we are to running as the 2016 Brighton Half Marathon was our first time running that distance. I ran it in 1:35:50 and Katie in 2:03, in 2017 Katie will be aiming for sub 2 hours having hopefully already achieved that over the winter and I am currently planning to run it at marathon pace which should roughly mean matching the 2016 time. 

Brighton Marathon: 09-04-2017
The big one, our first marathon and certainly the only one in 2017. At the moment I am hoping to run sub 3:30 and the closer to sub 3:15 the better and Katie is aiming for sub 4:30.

RiverStone Handicap Runs - 

Possible races (in date order):
05-02-2017 - Chichester 10k - Could be a nice fast tune up race before the Brighton Half
12-03-2017 - Lydd 20 mile - Would be last long run before the Brighton Marathon. 

Burgess Hill 10k - May 1st 2017

Phoenix 10k - July 2017

Arena 80 10km - September 2017  

Hellingly 10km - September 2017
Barns Green 10km - September 2017
Tempo 10km - October 2017
Brighton 10 mile - October 2017
Ashford 10km - October 2017
Brooks 10km - Nov 2017

Eton 10k race - Katie and her family helped to raise the money for me to get radiotherapy at one of these runs in 2012 so it would be nice to do one of these. 
22-01-2017 / 15-04-2017 The latter one would need to be slow being the week after the marathon!!! 

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